Nick Pappalardo is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, session- musician and songwriter, associated with the fusion and progressive/art-rock genres. He is primarily noted for being a guitarist and performing in the studios with various artists from around the metropolitan area. Over the span of a decade, he's been dedicated to perfecting his craft as a writer and performer.

He's been noted for performing alongside the heavy-funk/rock group, Miss This and singer-songwriter, Sydney Schizzano in his undergraduate years at The College of Saint Rose.

Nick Pappalardo was born on July 8, 1995 in a small town, Glenwood, NJ. As a kid, he took guitar lessons for several years, but eventually discontinued and started a ventured through the self taught route for many years before moving on to college.

After committing to living in Albany, NY for a few years, he would then begin to play shows regularly and tour the east- coast with the funk-rock group, Miss This. He's known for being one of the creative and driving forces behind the group, recording several EP’s with the band and producing a few singles which gained local radio play. Some of the popular songs from the Miss This catalogue include, “Money”, “She’s So Fine”, “Skateaway”, and “Hanky-Panky”. Nick Pappalardo was featured alongside his bandmates in the college’s interview series, “SRTV: Inside The Music”. A music video, “Watch-Out” was also released on Youtube, under the band’s name.

Nick Pappalardo made many appearances playing with his RRLG artist and singer-songwriter colleague, Sydney Schizzano, and would contribute to the release of her first album, “You Gave Me Love”. He also made an appearance alongside Sydney Schizzano, at The College of Saint Rose’s Record Label Gala in the spring of 2018.

Throughout his time in Albany, Nick Pappalardo has been credited for providing session duties on over ten albums, with diverse musical directions. His first full-length album, “Impressions”, released in early of May 2018, displays a diverse set of influences ranging from Pop, Jazz, R&B, Rock, to even Avant-Garde and ambient landscapes.

In his personal life, the guitarist enjoys spending time with his family and close friends. He engages in spiritual practices and relates them to his musical endeavors as well.